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I decided to post all the icons that are still on my drive to get rid of them...some are pretty new [like the "Verbotene Liebe - Forbidden Love" ones] some are older [like the "Jumper" ones]. I hope you like them anyway.

[35]Little Miss Sunshine
[07]Terminator: Salvation
[10]The Boy in the Striped Payamas + [01] Banner
[09]House M.D.
[12]Verbotene Liebe + [02] animated


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arizona, callie, greys


Hello everybody. I'd like to welcome you to my new community I decided to create to post all my icons, headers and wallpapers. I hope I will soon be able to post new stuff since it's long time ago when I posted the last bunch over at my personal journal.

If you are looking for my old stuff just go to strokes86 and see if I got something for you. ^^